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Welcome to Sharq Skinz

Our core offerings specialize in graphic design for marine applications, but they do not stop there. With over 30 years of industry experience the Sharq Skinz Team can assist you with Logo Development, Corporate Branding in addition to our Wide Format Printing services. Our ability to communicate visually is driven by a deep understanding of color harmonies, shapes & texture, design balance, typography as well as a solid understanding of emerging trends in the graphic industry. At SharqSkinz we keep our customers at the leading edge of design providing services that are current, impactful and relevent.

While design drives us, customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business for over three decades. At SharqSkinz we strive for one hundred percent customer satisfaction, and do whatever it takes to keep our customers coming back. We achieve this by listening to our clients and providing various design options for them...not just the design we think are best. We treat our customers like family, and it's that attitude that keeps our clients coming back. Don't just take our word for it, ask us for a reference...we'd be happy to make the connection.

At SharqSkinz, we talk daily to customers who dream of having head turning graphics on their vehicles, boats, ATV’s and Motorcycles that express their individuality. That is why our goal is to assist you in making that vision a reality. Our design team will create custom graphics that will exhibit your individual style and personal tastes. Differentiate yourself whether your rolling down the highway, pinning it across the desert or carving up the open water.

SharqSkinz provides a one-stop shop from concept to design all the way through the printing and installation process. Our courteous staff will work collaboratively with you to conceptualize your vision. Once the concept is captured, we’ll transform your vehicle or vessel using the highest quality materials available. With locations in Southern California, Northern California and Lake Havasu, Arizona we have a foundation that differntiates us from our competitors. Whether your needs center around the delivery of a marketing message, personalizing a vehicle or vessel or simply upgrading your look with customized graphics, SharqSkinz is here to help. Our installation centers use techniques that alliviate costly prep work helping us deliver compelling wraps at a fraction of the cost of traditional paint.

Once created SharqSkinz can duplicate your graphic vision on other vehicles and/or vessels. Automobiles, Trucks, Tow Rigs, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Personal Watercraft and even Helicopters can all be similarly “wrapped” to provide a consistent image. And since the price of wrapping is low, it is cost effective to change out your graphics every few years to realize a completely new look.

What is a wrap ?

At SharqSkinz, we routinely field this question. On a very simplified level, it is a “sticker” that is applied to your auto, boat, motorcycle, ATV or aircraft. The materials we use depends on the specific application, usage cycles, installation surface and is also driven by the customer’s budget. Once installed, the wrap transforms your vehicle or vessel into a work of art simular to a custom paint job.

What kind of materials are used ?

We focus on using the very best materials to produce our wraps. We purchase our raw materials from one of the nation’s leading suppliers who focuses on material rotation and inventory managment. We recieve the materials direct from their climate controled warehouse ensuring our products are manufactured with the freshest material available. At SharqSkinz, we use only the best raw materials from 3M, Arlon, Avery, Mactac, Oracal and Solvex.

How is a Wrap manufactured ?

The transformation starts with a collaborative design process between the client and the Sharq Skinz artists. Once a design is approved, the digital file is printed on the application-specific material. The subsequent print is left to cure for 24 hours to ensure the eco-friendly inks set up. After the curing period, a high gloss, matte finish or satin laminate is applied to the print. This lamination provides protection, UV filtering and enhances the overall look of the design.

How is the wrap installed ?

The installation process is our “secret sauce” and is a key differentiator in the Sharq Skinz offering. We view every installation as unique, and alter our techniques depending on how the client will ultimately use the vehicle, vessle or aircraft. In a nutshell, the installation process uses specialized tools and techniques to manipulate the material to the contours of the vehicle or vessel. In certain applications we also use products to enahance the durability.

What kind of durability/lifecycle can I expected from my Wrap ?

There is no blanket answer to this question as every customer’s usage cycles differ. Additionally, the way the wrap is maintained will also have a significant impact on the lifecycle of the product. In general, you can expect 2-3 years of serviceability; however, with indoor storage, proper maintenance and reasonable use cycles it is not unreasonable to expect the wrap to stand up for 5-8 years.

Why should I choose SharqSkinz ?

We feel the answer to this question revolves around how we do business. At the foundation is our 30 years of experience in the Graphic Arts & Printing Industries. We couple our experience with ethical and fair business practices, multiple locations and our commitment to use on the best materials and installation techniques available. Our goal is to build loyal, satisfied customers.

Give us a call to experience the difference Service, Quality and Expertise can mean to you!