About Sharq Skinz, LLC Graphic Wraps

At Sharq Skinz, LLC, we talk daily to customers who dream of having head turning graphics on their vehicles, boats, ATV’s and Motorcycles that express their individuality. That is why our goal is to assist you in making that vision a reality. Our design team will create custom graphics that will exhibit your individual style and personal tastes. Differentiate yourself whether your rolling down the highway, pinning it across the desert or carving up the open water.


While design drives us, customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business for over three decades. We strive for one hundred percent customer satisfaction, and do whatever it takes to keep our customers coming back. We achieve this by listening to our clients and providing various design options for them…not just the designs we think are best. We treat our customers like family, and it’s that attitude that keeps our clients coming back. Don’t just take our word for it, ask us for a reference…we’d be happy to make the connection.


Sharq Skinz, LLC provides a one-stop shop from concept to design all the way through the printing and installation process. Our courteous staff will work collaboratively with you to conceptualize your vision. Once the concept is captured, we’ll transform your vehicle or vessel using the highest quality materials available. With locations in Southern California, Northern California and Lake Havasu, Arizona we have a foundation that differentiates us from our competitors. Whether your needs center around the delivery of a marketing message, personalizing a vehicle or vessel or simply upgrading your look with customized graphics, Sharq Skinz, LLC and Dimensional Graphix are here to help. Our installation centers use techniques that alleviate costly prep work helping us deliver compelling wraps at a fraction of the cost of traditional paint. Once created Sharq Skinz, LLC can duplicate your graphic vision on other vehicles and/or vessels. Automobiles, Trucks, Tow Rigs, Motorcycles, ATV’s, Personal Watercraft and even Helicopters can all be similarly “wrapped” to provide a consistent image. And since the price of wrapping is low, it is cost effective to change out your graphics every few years to realize a completely new look.

Our Founder

Meet Dave Gilepse

Our founder, Southern California native, Dave Gillespie has been involved in the Graphic Arts & Printing Industries since the mid 1970’s. His passion for design came at an early age when he began designing logos for local surf shops, and continued throughout his career into the Hi-Tech sector.


A visionary, Dave saw the impact the personal computer was having on the industry and took the necessary steps to ensure he stayed current on the emerging trends. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, he continued his education in Graphic Arts and Computer Science at Golden West College and Cal State Fullerton.


Dave managed several commercial print shops and subsequently opened his own facility in Huntington Beach in the early 1980’s. Dave’s career continued to blossom as he took on the role of Director of Technical Operations for a national printing franchisor. His responsibilities included transitioning the nationwide network from analog to digital workflows.


In 2000, Dave was recruited by Adobe Systems to lead it’s efforts in the Retail and Print vertical markets. After winning a number of prestigious awards Dave quickly advanced to managing the interaction with the top Media and Entertainment companies in the Los Angeles basin. These professional associations provided Dave the opportunity to collaborate with the top designers in the world.


Dave brings Sharq Skinz, LLC an unparalleled foundation and breadth of technical knowledge that is second to none. His diverse understanding of Graphic Design, Creative Technology and Digital Printing are at the core of our offerings. Using the latest software, finest materials and most advanced technology provides our customers with a product our competitors cannot come close to matching.


Once you have worked with Sharq Skinz, LLC you’ll realize there is no substitute for our technical aptitude, innovative ideas and our customer-first professionalism.